Fuck Yeah! Menstruation

talking about the flow...

Claiming the blood taboo


From my personal/professional blog, A Witch’s Life…

On the rag. The curse. An out-of-town visitor. Aunt Flow. Hormonal. That time of the month. Bloody Mary. Unwell. Courses. Crimson tide. Wearing granny panties. Out of order. Inconvenience. Red River. Leak week. Scourge of Eve. Misery. Red plague. Monthly sickness. [1]

Sounds like someone’s misbehaving…

Or, we could just call it what it is — bleeding, menstruating, having a period, beginning the cycle.

We demonize having a period. It’s a natural process women[2] complain about, openly dread, speak of in hushed tones or euphemisms. We take pills and shots or get implants in various body parts to make the bleeding stop. (Medical issues and right to birth control notwithstanding: I’m talking personal “convenience” of not having a period here.)

While we’re busy owning how beautiful we are on the outside with the “Start a revolution: Love your body” and “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes,” why aren’t we doing the same for the inside?

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